About Dorset Forest School

Who We Are

Dorset Forest School is a community interest company (C.I.C) steered by Jill Hooper and Maddy Irvine to provide forest school services which inspire learning and nurture well-being.

The team shares a passion and hearty belief that children need to be outside, exploring, learning and creating their own adventure. Learning to assess and take risks, is fundamental part of growing up. Forest school provides a foundation to engage and inspire young minds.

Under the canopy of Dorset Forest School, our fantastic team’s branches extend to include exceptional forest schoolers Rose Allwork, Trudi Bryson, Ash Crocker, Helen Day, Emily Gainsford, Clare Greeno, Kathy Kelly, Lorretta Perrella, Julia Quinn and the aptly named, ┬áNicole Woods.

What is Forest School?

Forest Schools originated in Sweden in the 1950s and was brought to the UK and adapted to fit the curriculum. The English Forest School network was set up in 2002 to discuss best practice, ensure safe working procedures and define what was special about Forest School. The network came to define Forest School as:

“An inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults regular opportunities to achieve, and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands on learning experiences in a woodland environment.”

By providing positive experiences and achievable tasks individuals are motivated and inspired which enhances personal, social and emotional skills such as independence and self-discovery.

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