Our Projects Nurture Nature

Our Core Aims

A core aim for Dorset Forest School is to enable all families, children and young people in the county to experience forest school.

Our Nature Nurture branch is the area of our business which aims to support and nurture through nature. That is, our practice applies forest school ethos of building up self-esteem through hands on experiences in the natural environment to areas of society who can benefit most.

South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership

As a proud partner within the learning provision, Dorset Forest School CIC is delighted to offer a three-phase forest school program including training, site development and mentoring.


Bespoke level one forest school training has been designed for the South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape partnership with the aim for providing a foundation in forest school ethos and an abundance of curricular links to this special landscape which surrounds us. The training will have an emphasis of supporting the 2014 pre-history curriculum.


In addition to the forest school training, the project provides six forest school sessions, the first on the Ridgeway, followed by five sessions within or near to school grounds.

Site Consultancy

The project resources for site development or forest school equipment.

Beyond the project, Dorset Forest School is proud to work in conjunction with the Forest Education Network and Forest School Association. Both organisations offer networking and skills share opportunities at highly subsidised rates. Both ensure there is a framework of support beyond the project.

Please call Maddy on 07957 390087 with any inquiries.

Hardy’s Birthplace

Working in partnership with National Trust and Dorset Countryside, Dorset Forest School is leading on the outdoor education provision for this project funded by Heritage Lottery Fund. Based at Thorncombe Woods just outside Dorchester, the project aims to celebrate Thomas Hardy’s Birthplace and his love for the surrounding landscape.

Please call Jill with any inquiries on 07813 814875

Dad’s Group
Dorset Community Action

With the help of Dorset Community Action, it is intended to train and support young/single dads to enhance their careers or offer alternative path as accredited Forest School assistants. These trained adults would support other families attending the group by modelling how to engage with children in an outdoor environment, disseminate skills and encourage other members of the community to attend.

Please call Jill with any inquiries on 07813 814875