Greenwood Club

What is the Greenwood club?

Dorset Forest School started the Greenwood Club as part of the Dorset AONB (Area for Outstanding Natural Beauty) project ‘Stepping into Nature’.

The Greenwood Club aims to provide positive shared experiences/memories for those individuals living with dementia and their amazing carers. The group learn green woodworking techniques, rural crafts and cooking outdoors in a relaxing woodland environment.

More information

Contact Jill on 07813814875 or email

What we do at Greenwood club?

A typical session would include:
Meeting new friends and sharing yummy cake!
Collecting wood, lighting fire for snack time)
Activities – there is always a choice of activities to do either independently or with carer.
Reflection time around fire circle (review what’s been achieved, how the project could develop).

All activities are designed to provide small achievable steps. This allows individuals to gain a sense of achievement, which leads to increased motivation, self confidence and independence.

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